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Emotional health being challenged by Digital world!

By : NWNT on : 3rd June 2018

Information technology can be a boon or a bane depending on how we use it and someone has put it very aptly that, ‘like money, it can be a good servant but a very bad master!’ So my advice to everyone is to see that we use information technology judiciously and optimally to enjoy and make life comfortable for us, for what it was meant to be and not become slaves of it.

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India needs a National Action Plan for emotional health

By : NWNT on : 6th April 2018

This perhaps is the most opportune and appropriate time for India to draft a national policy of emotional health. For Indian society is passing through a critical phase of transition. More than half of India is under 25 and this younger digital generation hooked on

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I dream to make our world stress-free: Dr Sandeep Vohra

By : NWNT on : 3rd April 2018

The transformation of lives and acknowledgement of relief from clients propelled me towards a loftier dream of making our world stress-free because I felt we could improve the quality of life on a universal scale by using the power of the cutting-age cognitive assessment technology for identifying emotional issues and tailoring wellness solutions for a lasting cure.

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