A former patient shares her story of recovery from OCD

Transformative depression treatment turned my tears into smiles!

I want to begin by saying a big THANKS to Dr Vohra and his team. All I have towards them is gratitude. I came to Dr Vohra’s clinic when a friend of mine realised that I am suffering from depression and anxiety.

It took me seven months to realise what I was going through. Every single day looked like forever. People around me misled me, because of their zero knowledge about this field of medicine. Rather than helping me, they were scaring me and discouraging me for coming to a psychiatrist.

I came here with tears in my eyes and hopelessness in my mind. But in no time, I was happy, smiling and back to life !!! I request you to please remove all stigmas attached to mental health. Trust me the journey was not only transformative but also MAGICAL !!!

Ms S.S.