Dr Sandeep Vohra, MBBS, MD-Psychiatry, Founder of NoWorryNoTension Healthcare.

Emotional health being challenged by Digital world!

Digital revolution has made many changes to our ecosystem. On one hand it’s a boon in terms of connectivity, convenience and application of otherwise very complicated logistics in any field in a flawless manner whether it is booking air tickets, finding the right cab or seeking the best possible information on anything to everything.

But on the other hand, unwittingly, we are subjugating to technology, which means, even for the tiniest of the things such as, to recall what day is today, we depend on our smartphones. As for the phone numbers? … Well, we don’t remember any of them now unlike a decade ago, when important numbers would be on our fingertips.

In order to maximise the benefits of technology and digital world, first and foremost, we should not lose any of our sleep to technology as sleeplessness is usually the first step towards any emotional upheaval we experience in the form of symptoms such as feeling less energetic, defocussed or drained.

Relentless sleep disruption or erratic sleep can actually either cause or predispose us to anxiety, depression, mood disorder or other serious emotional and behavioural disorders. So, remember to optimise the use of technology without compromising that 6-8 hrs of refreshing sleep.

Over the past 2 years, I have been increasingly seeing patients with over dependence on technology resulting from spending 10-12 hrs per day on one or the other digital platforms which could either be an addiction of gaming, social media or porn, or simply a random net-surfing.

The cause could be an addictive personality getting hooked on to internet just like one gets addicted to alcohol or any hard drugs or one could be trying to escape from one’s daily life challenges or subconsciously trying to heal oneself of one’s already existing symptoms of loneliness, isolation, anxiety, depression or ADHD through information technology.

Information technology can be a boon or a bane depending on how we use it and someone has put it very aptly that, ‘like money, it can be a good servant but a very bad master!’

So my advice to everyone is to see that we use information technology judiciously and optimally to enjoy and make life comfortable for us, for what it was meant to be and not become slaves of it.

Best wishes to everyone!