Emotional Wellness Index is a diagnostic tool especially designed to generate an index of emotional wellness along with screening major mental disorders.

Stress is a natural and integral part of our defence mechanism. When we face or feel a threat or a challenge, our brain triggers hormones that prime our body for an optimum performance. This makes stress a driving force behind creativity and success.

But when stress becomes relentless, it begins to overwhelm our body and mind and leads to serious health issues including anxiety, depression, heart problems and cancer. Stress could emanate from anywhere including work, traffic, family, society, culture and environment.

Chronic stress is a silent plague which undermines our health and performance. WHO has declared it the health epidemic of 21st Century. According to a latest survey almost half of us feel we’re too stressed and last year it accounted for nearly half of all sick days.

However, there is no need to despair. Stress can be measured and managed with the help of advanced tools and techniques pioneered by the NoWorryNoTension healthcare. Our user-friendly state-of-the-art tools ranging from Stress-O-Meter to iWellness Tool can evaluate individual stress and identify their sources to customise solutions for a lasting cure.

NWNT healthcare offers a whole spectrum of emotional wellness solutions from prevention to cure. Our online tools are ideal for confidential screening, classification and evaluation of stress. We have a rich pool of specialists who prescribe customised solutions ranging from lifestyle changes to clinical intervention to regain emotional wellness.

So, take your first step towards a complete and lasting emotional wellness by logging in to assess your stress levels. We guarantee your complete confidentiality and satisfaction.